Amone Loans Reviews

AmOne Loans Reviews: Is AmOne Legit?

AmOne loans is not a lender but a go-between that connects people seeking loans with lenders who are ready to give them a loan at the APR they are looking for.

You could compare AmOne to a flight marketplace like Expedia, where you have access to all the possible flights according to your price range, dates and location.

AmOne offers many types of loans including personal loans, business loans, auto loans, debt consolidation loans and loans for people with bad credit.

Most of the AmOne loans reviews we have come across generally give AmOne positive feedback, praising their vast options and ease of use.

To give you an idea of AmOne’s legitimacy, AmOne has handed out over $4 billion dollars in loan approvals since they were founded in 1999. There are countless AmOne loans reviews on the internet and the response to their services has generally been positive.

How do AmOne Loans work?

AmOne takes their customers through a very simple online sign up process. No need to talk on the phone or go into the AmOne office, everything can be done remotely and super quick on your phone or computer.

1. Fill out their online form

The process starts with the customer filling in their financial information and preferences. You will be asked for basic contact information like your name and address and will also be asked for your credit score which will be self-reported. You don’t need to worry about getting an actual credit check until later in the process (if you end up working with a lender who requires it). Then, they will take you to the next step.

2. Get matched with a lender

Once you have filled out your form, you will be shown a list of lenders who are prepared to give you a loan RIGHT NOW! At this point you might choose to chat virtually with your assigned financial search specialist. They will help you narrow down your choices and find the loan that suits your situation best.

3. Choose the loan that best fits your needs

You will have the option to choose between a variety of loans after you have submitted your form. Once you have decided on your loan, you can click it and will be re-directed to that company’s website where the final stages of their application will need to be filled out. In this case, AmOne acts more like an affiliate that directs you to the check out, AmOne does not process payments or delivers the loan payment to your bank account.

AmOne Loans Reviews: Pros and Cons

Like other AmOne loans reviews, we are going to dive into the pros and cons of using AmOne to acquire a loan.


Many AmOne loans reviews will mention the incredible customer service that AmOne offers. Each case is assigned a “financial search specialist” so if you have any questions during the AmOne application process, there’s always someone to guide you and answer any questions.

Like other loan companies, they offer a live chat feature which is manned by real people, not bots. AmOne’s customer service really is miles above other loan dealers at the same level.

AmOne is well known in the loan industry as being the go-to for loans that do not require a credit check or a high score to apply. So…if you are looking for a loan and don’t have very good credit, make sure to include that in your form so you are matched with lenders who are willing to give you a loan without checking your credit or requiring a high or perfect score.

The loan application process on AmOne’s website is incredible easy to use and intuitive. It functions as a Typeform-style survey where you fill out your reasons for getting the loan, your employment status and how much money you are hoping to get.

Customers do not have to submit their credit scores until they apply directly with the lender. Depending on your preferences and the type of loan you are requesting, you may not need to submit a credit check at all as many o the lenders AmOne works with do not require a credit check for approval.

One thing we really like about AmOne’s loan application process is its transparency. All fees are laid out for the customer to review and compare against other loans. AmOne presents a completely unbiased perspective on loans as they are only trying to match you with the best loan for your unique situation, not peddle certain lenders because they are getting a commission.

AmOne works with over 70 lenders that they have vetted themselves before allowing them to be listed and recommended on their website. Having this amount of choice could be a very good thing especially if you want to get the best APR rate possible.


Although having a large selection of loans is usually seen as a good thing, having too much choice could be cumbersome. As other AmOne loans reviews state, the amount of options presented could be overwhelming and time consuming. AmOne is definitely for people who want to think hard before applying for a loan and weigh all of their options to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible.

Another con that you may not be aware of is that AmOne’s live chat function is not available 24/7. So, if you’re hoping for around the clock support, you might want to go somewhere else.

Similar to other AmOne loans reviews, there isn’t many bad things to say about AmOne. They are not a direct lender but instead a lender…recommender, so the loan options you will come across on their site have a variety of APR rates and different requirements to apply.

Takeaways: AmOne Loans Reviews: Is AmOne Legit?

There isn’t really a downside to using AmOne. They feature a high number of reputable lenders on their website and do the work that you would normally put into researching different lenders to find the best price or APR rate.

The AmOne application process is incredibly fast and intuitive. The total amount of time it takes to submit your form is under 1 minute. You will then be given a vast array of loan options that suit your situation best.

To filter your choices and get the perfect loan for bad credit, try AmOne’s loan selector. It’s a super helpful tool that can get you on track to receiving a loan quicker than you expected.

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