Netfirst Platinum Card Reviews

Netfirst Platinum Card Reviews: Is It Worth It?

The Net first Platinum card sounds like a perfect way to build credit. First of all, it’s unsecured which means there is no cash deposit required to start using the account.

It also has a credit limit of $500 which is considered to be moderately high for a credit card that’s aimed at people with bad credit.

Like many other unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit, the Netfirst Platinum card does not check the credit scores of their applicants. Even someone with no credit history at all will be approved for a Netfirst Platinum credit card.

Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a Netfirst Platinum card, we want to note that it’s actually not a credit card, but a $500 line of credit that can be applied to the Horizon Outlet Store which is a membership-only outlet store that sells everything from electronics, to beauty products to furniture.

So, the Netfirst Platinum card “acts” like a credit card, but does not have the flexibility of a classic Visa or Mastercard (obviously). It could be, however; a great way to build your credit quickly considering it’s an unsecured card with a high approval rate for people with poor credit history.

Other Netfirst Platinum card reviews report that this it’s not worth it, but we’ve found both advantages and disadvantages to carrying this particular card. Here’s what our research says…

Netfirst Platinum Card Reviews: Pros and Cons

Netfirst Platinum card reviews will praise the high approval rate the card offers to those with bad credit, but then criticizes the high annual fees. So which one is it? Is NetFirst Platinum legit? Or not?


Probably the number one advantage to applying for this card is that you will get easily approved. No matter what your credit score is, you won’t have a problem acquiring one of these cards.

They do not pull your credit report or do a hard/soft inquiry, so there are no worries there. Even if you have no credit history at all, you will get approved for a NetFirst Platinum unsecured credit card.

They also give you a pretty high credit limit ($500) considering it’s geared towards people with low credit.

The card comes with an optional membership program which provides little bonuses like discounts on prescriptions, legal assistance, benefits and roadside assistance. This membership program is $24.95 per month. It’s important to note that all customers are automatically enrolled in the membership program. If you choose to opt out, you will be instead charged a $6 monthly maintenance fee and will not get the extra benefits.

NetFirst is one of the few cards out there that has a 0% APR. Their lack of APR is replaced with the $6 monthly fee (or $24.95 if you want to have the benefits). The 0% APR could be very attractive depending on what your other options for unsecured cards are. $6 per month ends up being a $72 annual fee. Which is very average to high when compared to other credit cards.


The NetFirst Platinum card is advertised as helping people with bad credit improve their credit quickly. But…are they really “all about the credit building”?

According to other Netfirst Platinum card reviews, the answer is…”meh, not really”.

NetFirst Platinum reports your credit progress to only one credit bureau. Most credit card companies will report to all three. If building credit is important to you, then a Net First Platinum credit card may not be the greatest option.

One other thing…we need to talk about the elephant in the room. If you read other NetFirst Platinum card reviews, you will see that this is the main downside of carrying one of these cards…it’s not a real credit card.

It’s essentially a $500 gift card that can only be used at the Horizon Outlet Store. When you think of it that way, is it really worth it? One of the most popular search terms on Google when you type in Net First Platinum cards is “how to cancel Net First Platinum card”. So…considering that…you might regret applying for this card.

Unless you are planning on spending $200 per month at the Horizon Outlet Store, you’re not going to rebuild your credit very quickly. Get real about the likelihood of you spending several hundreds of dollars each month at this specific store and then decide whether or not the Net First credit card is worth it.

Another thing we don’t like about the Net First Platinum merchandise card is all the hidden fees. You might be surprised to find $20 late payment fees, a $5 setup fee and $25 insufficient fees on your statement.

It’s very common to read in NetFirst Platinum card reviews that the company isn’t very transparent about the limitations of the card as well as the automatic $24.95 per month membership fee (which will be charged to you unless you specify after the fact that you do not want to be enrolled).

Another way that NetFirst lacks in the transparency category is that they don’t give their applicants details about the benefits you will receive in the membership program. To access the details, you need to have a username and password for their portal so…unless you already have the card, you are out of luck.

Takeaways: NetFirst Platinum Card Reviews

There is something about the Netfirst Platinum card that just doesn’t seem worth the money and according to other Netfirst Platinum card reviews, we are not alone in those thoughts.

One of the main reasons why people sign up for the card is that it promises to help you build credit, however; it only reports to one bureau. Doesn’t it make sense for a credit-building credit card to report to all three? The answer is…most definitely.

While the total annual fee ($72) is not outrageous, there are real Visa/Mastercard unsecured credit cards out there that have even lower fees and have the same likelihood of accepting your application as NetFirst Platinum.

Read some of the other NetFirst Platinum card reviews on the internet and then think about what is important to you in a credit-building credit card. Do you want low fees? Do you want the freedom to spend your money wherever you want? If so…the NetFirst Platinum credit card is probably not the best choice for you.

We hope you enjoyed our article “NetFirst Platinum Reviews: Is It Worth It?”. Click here to read our reviews of the top 3 credit cards for bad credit.

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