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The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit

Have you ever heard of a tradeline company? What is a “tradeline” anyway?

A tradeline is basically what an account on your credit report is called. If you took out a line of credit with your bank, that credit card account would be considered a “tradeline”.

If you took out a mortgage, that would also be considered a tradeline.

Those with bad credit could benefit from adding “good” tradelines to their credit report. Luckily, there are tradeline companies out there who give people with bad credit the opportunity to add their name to existing “good” accounts to raise their score quickly.

Using the services of a tradeline company is only really necessary if you need to get your credit score up ASAP. Adding these positive tradelines to your credit report could increase your score exponentially.

Here are our recommendations for the best tradeline companies in the US:

1. Tradeline Supply Co.

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The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit 7

Tradeline Supply Co. recognizes that there are people out there who have friends and family who offer their own tradelines to them. They wanted to create a service that made good tradelines accessible to everyone, not just the lucky few.

Tradeline Supply Co. is essentially a tradeline marketplace where users can buy and sell tradelines freely. Their tradelines start at $250 and then go up from there depending on the credit limit and age.


Tradeline Supply Co. is one of the most accessible and best tradeline companies in the US. They were one of the first tradeline websites to utilize advanced, automatic technology.

Because of this technology, they are able to keep their costs low and offer their tradelines at a very good price.

Buying a tradeline from Tradeline Supply Co. is as simple as adding it to your cart, giving your name and credit card number and hitting submit!

According to other people who have written other “best tradeline companies” reviews, Tradeline Supply Co. always seems to have the best prices compared to other tradeline companies.

They also confirm that all of the tradelines they list on their website will be posted to 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus within the next reporting period.

They are also able to post your tradelines on the next available reporting cycle. If you are on a deadline, make sure you buy your tradelines at the right time so it’s reported as soon as possible. They will keep your tradelines posted for 2 cycles unless you specifically ask to extend.

If you are a broker who wants to offer Tradeline Supply Co. tradelines to your clients they offer a special discount program where they offer 10-30% off tradeline bundles.


Tradeline Supply Co. guarantees tradelines with a utilization ratio of 15% which is still low, but not as low as some other companies.

All in all, Tradeline Supply Co. is a great choice for people who want a quick and easy way to get positive tradelines on their credit report. It’s one of the best tradeline companies out there.

2. Boost Credit 101

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Boost Credit 101 is one of the best tradeline companies in the US. Their website features an easy-to-navigate marketplace that offers authorized tradelines at reasonable prices

Their tradelines start around the $200 mark and move up in price depending on the credit limit.


Credit Boost 101 guarantees that the tradelines bought through them will be posted to 2 out of the 3 major credit bureaus, however; they can’t choose which ones. A lot of the time, tradelines will be posted to all 3, but they can only guarantee 2 which is not uncommon with tradeline companies.

All of their tradelines are at 10% utilization or less whereas Tradeline Supply Co. guarantees below 15%. It’s good to buy tradelines with a low credit utilization ratio because it shows the credit bureaus that you are in control of your credit and don’t overspend. It shows you’re only using a small percentage of your credit at a time.

While other companies will keep a tradeline posted for 1 month (1 reporting cycle), Boost Credit 101 keeps them on for 2 cycles which they believe is necessary to boost your credit accordingly.

If you want to extend your tradeline posting beyond the 2 cycles, you will have to let them know at least 3 weeks in advance.


Boost Credit 101 mentions that it usually takes an average of 2 weeks to post the new tradeline and no more than a month. However…

They guarantee that the new tradeline will be posted within 60 days. Tradeline Supply Co. guarantees it will be posted within the next reporting cycle which usually happens sometime within 30 days after payment.

So, if you definitely want your tradeline posted in the next 30 days, Boost Credit 101 may not be the best choice.

Boost Credit 101 tops our list for the best tradeline companies around. If you are looking for a tradeline company that will definitely get you results on your credit report, consider Credit Boost 101.

3. CreditPro

Creditpro: Best Tradeline Companies
The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit 9

CreditPro has been around since 2007, so they definitely know their stuff. They specialize in authorized tradelines that can help everyday people boost their credit.


While most other companies remove tradeline buyers from their cards after 30 days, CreditPro guarantees your name will be on the account for 60-90 days.

They guarantee a utilization rate of 15% or less and have accounts with credit limits up to $80,000.

All of CreditPro’s tradelines are guaranteed to be 3 years or older. Online tradeline marketplaces like Tradeline Supply Co. and Boost Credit 101 show tradelines that are 1 year and up.

If you want to make sure you are getting the best and most seasoned tradelines, then CreditPro could be your answer.

Similar to the other tradeline companies mentioned in this post, CreditPro guarantees that any tradelines you buy from them will be posted to 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus. Like the other companies, they also try to post to all three and 90% of the time it will go through to all three, but they can only guarantee two.


CreditPro doesn’t appear to have an online marketplace, so buying tradelines from them is a bit more of a “process”.

Instead of clicking and adding a tradeline to a cart, you will have to call their number for a free consultation.

If you are in a rush to get your credit score up, they offer an expedited service which is a 25% extra charge which will guarantee your tradeline is posted in 30 days or less. Other tradeline companies guarantee 30 days or less without an extra charge, so watch out for that.

If you don’t mind paying for your tradelines over the phone, then CreditPro could be a great option. it’s one of the best tradeline companies around and has been in the business for a long time.

4. Priority Tradelines

Priority Tradelines: Best Tradeline Companies
The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit 10

Priority Tradelines is an online tradelines market that is incredibly quick and easy-to-use.

Similar to Tradeline Supply Co. and Boost Credit 101, Priority Tradelines has an online shopping portal where users can browse their listings and choose the specific tradeline they desire. Their tradelines seem to start at $200 and go up from there, depending on credit limit.


Priority Tradelines guarantee that your tradeline will be posted on the next reporting cycle IF your payment is submitted at least 5 days before the next reporting period is set to begin. In general, they guarantee that your tradeline will be posted in 30 days or less and there’s no extra charge for their speedy process.

They keep your tradeline posted for 3 months which is generally longer than other companies on this list of the “best tradeline companies”.

Similar to the other tradeline companies on this list, Priority Tradelines guarantees posting to 2 out of the 3 major credit bureaus. However, most of the time, their tradelines get posted to all 3.


The highest credit limit they offer on their tradelines is $30,000 which is exponentially lower than companies like CreditPro which offers tradelines with limits up to $80,000.

If you are in a hurry, Priority Tradelines could be your best bet. They post your tradelines as soon as possible after purchase and their online marketplace is super easy to use. There’s a reason why we’ve included it in our list of the best tradeline companies!

5. Superior Tradelines

Superior Tradelines: Best Tradeline Companies
The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit 11

Superior Tradelines is more of a tradeline service than a marketplace. They work one-on-one with you to make sure you get the best tradeline to boost your credit score.


When you sign up with Superior Tradelines they take you through a special 3-step process which is meant to give you a personal approach to buying tradelines.

They offer a free initial strategy session where they analyze your credit reports and suggest some tradelines for your specific situation. Once you choose and buy your tradaeline, they will continue to update you on the process until your tradeline hits your credit report.

The company was started by a renowned tradeline expert who believes that buying tradelines should be a personalized process. He states that not everyone will be able to buy a $200 tradeline and see a big jump on their credit score. He believes that because everyone’s credit report is different, they will require specific tradelines to fix.

Like other companies on this list, Superior Tradelines guarantees your tradeline will be posted within 30 days.


The tradelines you will find at Superior Tradelines start at about $600 and there’s a reason for this. They believe that if you really want to raise your credit score (and keep it there) you will need an older tradeline with a higher credit limit. They suggest that anything cheaper is a waste of time.

This kind of transparency could be a good thing, or a bad thing if you were hoping to pay less.

Superior Tradeline does not display a marketplace for quick purchase. In order to buy a tradeline from them, you have to book a strategy call and have your 3 credit reports ready to show them.

If you were hoping for a quick online purchase, you might want to go with a tradeline company that offers a marketplace.

Superior Tradelines is all about insider expertise and a personalized experience. If you want to work with people who know tradelines like the back of their hand, try Superior Tradelines. It’s one of the best tradeline companies when it comes to customer service and transparency.

Takeaways: The Best Tradeline Companies For Bad Credit

We’ve outlined 5 different tradeline companies in this article. Some offer an online marketplace where you can buy tradelines with a single click. Others require an analysis of your credit reports which may be more expensive, but will result in a more personal recommendation that will help improve your unique credit report.

Buying tradelines to improve personal credit is completely legitimate and legal. However, it’s important to do your research before choosing your tradelines. Both the age and credit limit of the account can have an affect on how much (or little) your credit score will improve.

The concept of piggybacking on another’s credit is done between family members all the time. What these tradeline companies are doing is connecting perfect credit holders with people who need a boost.

Tradelines have been shown to make a positive difference in the credit reports of those who use them and even when you are removed from the account, you will continue to benefit from having the tradeline in your history.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best tradeline companies for bad credit. Click here to find out how to get a free copy of your credit report in order to get started on the tradeline buying process!

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